Double the brainpower means twice the success for 8-year-old twins

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Eight-year-old twins Heidi and Marissa recently visited IGS' demonstration facility in Invergowrie to see a real life vertical farm after they built their own model for a school project.

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) recently welcomed eight-year-old twins, Heidi and Marissa, to visit our demonstration facility in Invergowrie, two years after the girls built their very own model vertical farm for a school project based on the theme of ‘The School Shop’.

Heidi and Marissa’s intelligent farm design was based on a video they had seen of the IGS demonstration facility. Not only did the girls create a brilliant model with clearly represented growing produce, but they also included Lego robots and other devices to demonstrate how their farm would work.

The twins, who lived in Preston, Lancashire, when they completed their school project but have since moved to live in Geneva, were invited to come and explore the real demonstration facility for themselves. Together with their parents and older sister, they were given a guided tour by Chief Technical Officer, Dave Scott, who commented: “We were completely blown away when we first received the video and pictures showing what Heidi and Marissa had produced for their school project. We loved their interpretation of an intelligent farm and it was great to see the school loved it too!

“It was a pleasure to welcome them to the farm in Invergowrie to show them how everything works. They were so interested and asked some fantastic questions! Fast forward 15 years and they would be very welcome to come and work with us. Well done girls!”

Double the brainpower means twice the success for 8-year-old twins 1

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